What are the advantages of a fully automatic underwater vacuum cleaner?



· Lifepo4 battery  · Li-ion battery  · Lithium polymer battery  · Single cells

  1. First of all, its biggest advantage is fully automatic, can climb walls, with suction bag, lock memory and other functions. Because of its intelligent memory function, people also call it the intelligent underwater vacuum cleaner.

  2. Secondly, the maintenance method of the automatic underwater vacuum cleaner is very simple. As long as you pay attention to maintenance, its service life is very long. It’s very easy to operate, you can let it operate intelligently, or control it through the remote control, and save time, save energy, safe and secure. Its light and compact nature also makes it easy to operate and move.

  3. Third ,the fully automatic underwater vacuum cleaner can enable intelligent program-controlled automatic erasing and cleaning, vacuum cleaning, help filtering, and adjust to any shape and size of the swimming pool. And after the pool is washed, the equipment is automatically turned off, either by its own timing, or by its own remote control, whichever method you choose.

  4. Fourth,The fully automatic underwater vacuum cleaner can remove algae, fine dust, bacteria, sediment and leaves, etc. The dust is collected in the filter bag.
    Fifth ,Micron filtration accuracy, so that debris has nowhere to escape, and the filter bag is used for a long time, at least two years

  5. Finally, the configuration of high-tech driving device and motor pump, the oil-sealed motor makes the automatic underwater vacuum cleaner use longer and has a powerful effect, which can reduce power consumption and reduce costs. Proper use of the underwater vacuum cleaner can reduce the daily cost of medicine powder by 30% .

  6. A good quality lithium battery packs can make sure the automatic underwater vacuum cleaner work better . We have signed a contract for providing lithium ion batteries to Dolphin underwater vaccum factory ,

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